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24 Hour Emergency Service-
Veterinarian ON CALL. (Emergency Care provided at Palmyra office only)

Welcome to the Palmyra, Silver Springs, and Colonial Park Animal Clinic.

Same day in house Stem Cell Therapy. We have offered this service since 2008 but now we can do it much faster (same day) and at a considerable discount to the original cost. Call today and schedule an appointment for consultation. This is the future of medicine and we have always been at the forefront of modern medical technology offering our clients and patients the absolute best possible care imaginable today.

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2012 Veterinarian of the Year Winner - Harrisburg Magazine
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Vet Street Pet Portal Login Instructions: In order to log into your Vet Street Pet Portal you simply need to select your clinic (above tab) then look for the Vet Street Pet Portal login picture and click on it. Thank you. Please report any problems.

Rehabilitation and Imaging Center: Board Certified Radiologists Fully Review Images taken at our newly updated and expanded Veterinary Imaging center. Correct and accurate diagnosis of a patients health is important to us as it is you. We treat your pet like our own, and it shows. Our Palmyra and Silver Springs (west shore) rehabilitation centers are ready to treat your pet to the recovery they need to be back to the way they were. Pet Rehabilitation is critical and our staff know how to do it correctly, accurately and customize each pets therapy accordingly.

Did you get an email from “CS@Palmyraac.com”? You opted to receive the paperless billing system. You may also receive a message from VetStreet too. If you did you can now review all of your pet’s medical records online through PetPortals. These links are provided on your clinic’s main page.

Need Vaccine Records? Contact your clinic via phone or through the Contact Us page (for your clinic) and we can email you the pet’s records via PDF.

Since November 2009
The Central Pennsylvania Veterinarian Rehabilitation and Imaging Center began CT Scans of patients. Ask your doctor if a CT scan would help diagnose your pet’s health issues better, faster. The use of a CT removes the need for painful and risky exploratory surgery. It also shows much more detailed information than a traditional Xray or Ultrasound (both of which are also available).

Is your pet due? Now you can check without making a call. In our quest to make your pet care easier and more affordable we have added the selection: "Is my Pet due for anything?" under the appointment type when you would normally request an appointment. So now you can simply make the request on-line and let our staff do the leg work for you. We'll reply back within 24hrs during normal office days letting you know what, if any, vaccines, checkups, shots, etc your pet(s) are due for. For multiple pets simply add their names in the message box. If you would like a call back please be sure to include your phone number.

Update your Client Profile Online: Click on your clinic, then on the left menu choose "Update Your Profile" to inform the staff of any changes to Phone, Email, Address or Name Change. Thank you!

On-line Appointment and Prescription renewal service is now available. Your welcome to fill out these forms instead of calling during business hours. These requests are available 24/7-365 for your convenience and we encourage their usage. You will receive a call back or email for confirmation from your clinic at the provided number or address.

Associated Press report on Animal Acupuncture - Link

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Persnickety Pet Portraits has been a friend of ours and our customers for years. If you'r looking for that special photo or want to update the current family portrait these are the people to call. Located in Annville, Pa. This is the company we use and we recommend.

Specialized training requirements, adoptions, and breeding. Law Enforcement, personal protection, sporting and family training applications. Specialized training available as well as importing of certain breeds to the US.

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